About Us

Giles County Animal Rescue, Inc (GCAR) is a small group of volunteers; we provide regular open visitation hours to the public in hopes of increasing the chances that the shelter animals of Giles County will be adopted instead of euthanized. The Giles County Animal Shelter is under jurisdiction of Giles County Sheriff Dept., not GCAR.  Our group volunteers at the shelter at the invitation of the Giles County Board of Supervisors, the Sheriff’s Dept and Giles County Animal Control.

Our volunteers take pictures of animals at the shelter to publish in local newspapers and post to various media outlets in hopes of increasing interest in pets available for adoption. In addition, we place as many shelter pets as possible with other approved rescue groups in more populated areas that are able to take in our county’s many unwanted pets. We organize, finance, and provide transportation so that more companion animals can be saved and have a chance at a good life.

Our group also campaigns about the importance of Spay/Neuter. We work with local vets to provide as many low-cost spay/neuters as possible for families with limited incomes. We are currently campaigning through various media outlets throughout the county to promote Spay/Neutering as we feel this is the primary answer to our county’s major pet overpopulation problem, as well as promoting pet adoption from local shelters.

We were founded in 1999 and remain a 501 (c)(3) charity. Without our volunteers, there would be no regular visitation hours at the shelter. We encourage the county to comply with local, state and federal laws and regulations.

We are also diligently working with the county, to modernize the shelter and to relocate it in an area of the county with easier access to the public.


Our Philosophy

All creatures, great and small, shall be treated fairly and humanely. We shall work towards eliminating irresponsible breeding, irresponsible ownership, and animal suffering through education and humane programs.