Giles Co Shelter Adoption Procedures


Virginia State Law requires all animals adopted from a shelter be spayed or neutered by the new owner.

All animals adopted from the Giles County Shelter will be adopted under guidelines set forth per County ordinance.  Click here to read the county’s adoption ordinance.

Adopters are required to fill out and sign a legal binding adoption contract. 

  • This contract asserts that you will spay/neuter the pet in the time set forth by the state of Virginia and
    • To guarantee that the spay/neuter requirement is met; the adoption contract contains a section that a vet must complete to verify surgery was performed. This completed form must be returned to the county animal control officer.
  • If you are unable to keep the pet you agree to return the animal to the shelter.

There is a $20 adoption fee due at the time of any adoption.  Must be cash or check. Please bring exact change. NO Credit Cards.

To meet the spay/neuter requirements:

  • If the pet has not previously been spay/neutered, state regulations require that this procedure must be done within 30 days of adoption or by 6 months of age.
  • Adopters have the option of bringing in a pre-paid spay/neuter receipt from their vet of choice or purchasing a S/N Voucher at the shelter
  • Or they must pay a reimbursable spay/neuter deposit fee of $150.00 by cash or check (no credit cards) on the day of adoption. This fee will be deposited by the Treasurer of Giles County. After the pet is spay/neutered, the Veterinarian then returns the completed portion of the adoption form to the county animal control officer & reimbursement of the $150.00 will be handled by the Giles County Treasurer’s office.
  • If the animal has already been spayed or neutered (as determined by the Animal Control Officer), you will only pay the $20.00 adoption fee.


To adopt an animal you will be asked to provide identification to show that you are a resident of Giles County or a county adjacent to Giles County.

  • Exception: Animals that are previously spay/neutered may be adopted by residents of any county.
    • If you live out of the adoption area, arrangements can possibly be made to have the animal taken to a local vet for surgery before adoption. This must be handled by Animal Control.

Adopters must be 18 years old to adopt. The person responsible for the animal must fill out and sign the adoption form.

  • Animals cannot be adopted out as gifts.
  • If you rent your home or live in an apartment you may be required to bring in a written statement from your landlord that pets are allowed at your residence.  The landlord should also specify the maximum weight, species, and/or breed of the animals allowed. Your lease/rental agreement should have this information.

If you have surrendered an animal to the shelter in the past 2 years (unless an adopted dog or cat returned in a reasonable amount of time) you may not adopt another animal from 2 years of date of surrender.

Miscellaneous Information:

  • All adoption fees are turned over to the Giles County Treasurer’s Office (checks are made payable to Treasurer of Giles Co)
  • By state law you may only adopt 2 animals in 30 days.
  • State law requires all cats and dogs be vaccinated against Rabies after 12 weeks of age.
  • Dog tags are usually required annually by the county you reside in with your dog. In Giles County, tags are required and may be purchased at the Treasurer’s office or at The Animal Care Center.
  • The Animal Care Center & Bold Springs Vet Service in Pearisburg offers a discount on spay/neuters and first vaccines to animals adopted from the shelter. Yellow copy of adoption agreement must be shown for discount.