Success Stories

Shepherd Pup Loves New Family

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After spotting Whiskey on Giles County Animal Rescue's Facebook page, Brock, Whiskey's new owner, rescued him from the shelter. Brock reports that Whiskey is surprisingly calm for a 6-month-old pup and loves to be with his new people. Way to go, Brock and Whiskey!


Foster-Dog Finds a Home

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Julius (aka Hooch)

Hooch was at the shelter for 6-8 weeks, Jan&Feb...then in foster care until we finally found this wonderful home for him. He was skin and bones while at the shelter. Here is a note from his new family:

Thank you so much for letting us do a home trial with Hooch. Unfortunately, we cannot give him back to you. :) He is a perfect fit in our family and we have fallen in love with him...

Here's a little update with Hooch:
1. He is a snuggle bug! He definitely wants to be around us (if not on our lap already!) He is so lovey, especially with me, but really sweet with Kyle and the kids.
2. He is perfect around the babies. He is gentle and very submissive with them, which makes him very approachable for June (see pics below).
3. He really enjoys fetch with his new ball. He is almost always in the mood to play.
4. He walks wonderfully on a leash now! At first he pulled and pulled. We bought a gentle leader for him, which I thought he would hate, but he still gets so excited when I pull it out for a walk. And he sits and stays still while I put it on. He now heels to me without pulling and is confident around people and other dogs knowing I'm the one in control.
5. He stays mostly inside with us, but he enjoys our backyard and occasionally prefers to lay on our deck outside (maybe for a quiet getaway from the kids:)).
6. He is a sneaky devil. We do not allow him on our bed. . .but anytime our door is open, he will sneak back there and hop up on our bed. It's actually quite funny how stealthily he can get his big ol' body up on the bed without us knowing.
7. He is an underfoot (most of the time). He will follow me around everywhere and camp out wherever I am.
Needless to say, we have been enjoying him thoroughly. And I think I can speak for Hooch when I say I think he really likes his new home...
I attached several pictures. Two were from the day we picked him up. He took my passenger seat when I had to make a bathroom stop.
Take Care,

Neglected Dog Saved and in Forever Home

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This is Rocky. He had a minor wound which was left untreated for weeks. His entire leg and joint became so infected, amputation was necessary to save him. Thanks to all the many volunteers who worked to get him help, from Animal Control Officer Dalton to the staff at Virginia Tech Vet Hospital. Now Rocky is no longer neglected and suffering. He is in his new forever home with a great and loving family. See the difference on his face. In picture 1, one day after surgery, he looks so worried and in some pain still. Now look how relaxed and happy he is at his new home. Thank you all who helped to save Rocky! A true success story.


Foxy Lady in New Home!!

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My name is Dawnielle, and back in February my family adopted a dog named “Foxy Lady”. We have since renamed her “Tesla”, and adopting her has been one of the best things I have ever done. About a month after we adopted Tesla, our family cat passed away, and I don’t know how we would have done it without Tesla’s happy energy to get us through it. She has changed my life in the best way possible. It took her a while to warm up to us (and she’s still nervous around new people) but once she warmed up to us she became the cutest most loving animal I have ever met.
I just wanted to send this to thank you guys so much for giving us the chance to bring in a new family member. I can never tell you enough how much I appreciate your work, so I just wanted to send you an updated photo of Tesla settled into her new home.
Thank you guys so much, and I’m so happy that there are people like you that are committed to giving pets and families a chance to live a happy life together.

Thank you for the update Dawnielle! So wonderful for our foster families to get such awesome feedback!


Husky is Rescued

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Mina was at the Shelter way too long; however some one was looking out for her! Thanks for all the effort from all those Involved that worked to get her into a rescue, especially our volunteers April and Melanie. This gal now has a new forever home.